Sunday, June 2, 2013

Statistics May 2013

From this month on I will try to publish a monthly post containing some statistics of what I have been observing with my little project.

Starting this month I have seen a large increase in traffic, from a couple of IPs a day to hundreds. Because of this I stopped Tweeting and automatically blogging about it. I mean, who is going to read 300 blog post a day really?

See the increase in requests per day in the graph below:

The plan is to start this month on a public status page that will contain statistics and a bunch of reports on attacks I'm seeing. All automated and shiny!


Total queries this month: 4.201.970

Most popular domain: with 2.929.013 requests.

4606 unique source IPs, 2270 observed more than 100 times.

Top 25 attacks in May:


IPs per country:

Requests per country:

This gives a pretty good view of what I have been looking at on my dashboard.

Coming up next:

Details on a few characteristics, snort rules to detect attacks and development on the dashboard!

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