Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big attack Costa Rica: /

Last week I've been working on a dashboard to display attacks rather than using Twitter / Blogger as the amount of observed attacks has skyrocketed.

Last two days I've observed an attack targetting two IPs in Costa Rica. Here are some details (Last 24 hours):

200458190.93.249.10Costa (151163x), (49295x)
176447190.93.248.10Costa (136108x), (40339x)

Strange about this is the fact that the domain '' a domain I have not seen before in attacks is actually pointing to these two IPs.

It seems like a misfire as a domain with 2 A records is not exactly an exciting DNS amplification and a bit weird if it is the domain being targetted in the first place.

Attacks over the different days:

 400622x  23-May-2013
 139301x  22-May-2013
   12617x  21-May-2013
       878x  17-May-2013

Domains used: 


I do not have my other statistics ready that I usually display in my blog. When I will I might update the post and will make my dashboard publicly available.

Info about the domain:

Website on it is written in Chineese and is about some game.. *confused*

Creation Date:   2011-11-04 08:10:44
Registered using a email.

dig any @ +short

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